Love Is What Recovery Is All About ?

July 11, 2015 | By Greg Wilson | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Everyone who loves has been born of God.
(St. John)

Love is what recovery is all about! Loving your self and loving others! Isn’t that what life is all about? Poets and saints through the ages have espoused love as the most fundamental element in the human experience. Love can be difficult to define and even more difficult to understand. I once thought of love mainly from the romantic/emotional perspective. My experience with the sober life has subsequently broadened my perspective on love. My old perspective of love was very self-centered. I need something, so I say, “I love you.” I now aspire to more of a selfless love of giving and not expecting anything in return. It was also difficult for me to receive love. I had such a poor self-image and to feel genuinely worthy of others’ love was almost impossible. How could I love others if I did not love myself?
I see love now as a commitment and a conscious decision to put others first, ahead of my own needs or desires. I believe that it is wise and healthy to focus on love and unselfishness as we grow in recovery. It has been my experience that those who seem to deserve love the least are the ones who need love the most. My intention is to radiate love and good will to all. Learning to love others unconditionally has made all the difference in the world. Without a consciousness of love I have found the world to be a fearful place. Love is always filled with kindness and compassion. I must think, feel, and act with love. I intend to fill my consciousness with love and watch the light dissolve the darkness. When I give love, I am happy!

What does love mean to you?

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